Premium categories

Our Premium categories, positioned at the top of the page, tell our visitors in which industries your firm operates in.

Premium categories Price
1x Premium category 199
Every next Premium category + 99

All rates are in C$, excluding VAT.

Banner advertising

Headhunters in Canada offers a variety of banner slots, giving your firm extra exposure to thousands of highly relevant visitors.

A1-banners are in slots between Premium category links; A2-banners are positioned further down the page in the free alphabetical listing. The Leaderboard A1 banner is exclusive to one advertiser; other banner positions display randomly alternating advertisers.

Banners 1 month 3 mos 6 mos 12 mos
Leaderboard A1 (1088x100) 695 1695 2495 3995
Leaderboard A2 (1088x100) 395 995 1395 1995
Half Rectangle A1 (300x125) 395 995 1395 1995
Half Rectangle A2 (300x125) 195 395 595 995
Rectangle A2 (300x250) 295 595 995 1495

All rates are are in C$, excluding VAT.

Available banner slots

The image below displays the different positions of the available banners on the homepage:

Available banner slots

The online presence of your executive search firm is essential in being found by candidates and (new) clients. gives your firm a stage to present itself and our excellent position in Google search results will have a positive impact on traffic to your own website as well!

Joining the AllHeadhunters network is completely free and includes:

  • Listing on the homepage
  • Personalised profile page
  • Company description
  • Company details
  • Social media integration
  • Free job posting slot at Lintberg for C$ 100k+ positions

Free job posting slot at Lintberg? is a discreet, online platform for C$ 100k+ positions, where 30,000+ executive level candidates look to land their next C$ 100k+ job.

Job details are only accessible to registered & approved members, in order to uphold the confidentiality and discretion of your clients.

As part of the AllHeadhunters network, we welcome you post any C$ 100k+ 100k+ job in your free slot at Lintberg. This free slot is reusable; whenever you've successfully completed a search, you can replace the old position details with a new one!

Interested in posting a C$ 100k+ job at Lintberg? Contact us and we'll arrange everything for you!